Professional substitutes

professional substitute opportunities

The Red Lion Area School District (RLASD) is pleased to announce that we will be contracting our substitute teacher management and recruiting to Substitute Teacher Service, Inc. (STS).

If you are currently an STS employee or have worked for them in the past, simply email STS at and let STS know you would like to add RLASD to your school district profile.

New applicants to STS can start an application online and complete the onboarding process at the local STS office in Lancaster, PA.

General information, supporting documents, and references are part of the requirements needed in order to complete the process. Here is a list of all the documents and things you will need in order to complete your registration:

  • Act 34 PA Police Clearance *
  • Act 114 FBI Fingerprint Clearance *
  • Act 151 PA Child Abuse Clearance *
  • Pennsylvania Teaching Certificate or Emergency Certificate
  • TB/Tine test - less than 2 years old
  • A valid, working email address

* All clearances must be within 5 years.

Payroll documents and Act 168 previous employer verification forms will require additional documentation. For these you will need:

  • A voided personal check or banking information for direct deposit
  • 2 forms of identification for federal form I-9 (see list attached to the form)
  • Contact Information for all previous employers where you had direct contact with children.

When the STS Representative meets with you, you will be required to produce all originals of the aforementioned documents (clearances, teaching certificate, TB test, and identification). You will also be required to complete the PA Act 24 Arrest and Conviction form. STS will take a photo of you for an ID badge which you must wear at all times while working in our buildings.

For detailed information, access to the required forms, and starting the registration process, visit the STS website, and click on “Open Positions” and then the “Useful Links” tab for access to all required clearances.