Worker's Comp

Worker's comp procedures

If you suffer a work-related injury, your health and wellbeing are our first concern. If the injury is of a serious nature and requires the assistance of an ambulance or rescue personnel, they should be contacted immediately.

If you suffer a work-related injury of less serious nature, the first thing you MUST do is report the injury to your supervisor. S/he or the nurse in your building will provide you with an SDIC packet, and your first step is to report the injury to SDIC. There are two ways to report the injury, you can:

You must also e-mail or call Kristi Baublitz, Benefits/Employment Coordinator.

In order to ensure that your medical treatment would be eligible to be paid for by Red Lion Area School District or our insurer, you must select from one of the health-care providers on our panel. Click here to see our worker's compensation panel.